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November 20, 2008

Private reflections on jumping into the blogosphere

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It’s funny – I’ve read bogs for years.  I’ve written on other people’s and run corporate and event blogs but I’ve never really been tempted to get my own thoughts into the blogosphere.

So what’s changed – I don’t know!. It’s not just a case of my memory not being as good as it used to be.  Nor is it a mid-life crisis (I think that’s still a few years away) nor is the arrival of my new i-Phone removing the barriers I had of getting time on the internet because my two kids monopolising my computer at home.

I guess it’s been a gradual process.

I suppose I should explain to you, my dear reader, who I am and what this blog is for – I’m using it as a space for me to make a note of things that I might forget and to help me refine my ideas about certain things.  In terms of what this blog might touch on I’ve got no idea but I guess it’ll cover a few different aspects from my personal life and maybe quite a few things that relate to my work.

As I’ve said this blog is for me – so if anyone else gets anything out of it that’s fantastic – if not as far as I’m concerned it’s no great loss.


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