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November 26, 2008

A seismic shift in seasons greetings

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I know we’re not yet in December but I’m wondering if the old fashioned Christmas Card and corporate gifts over Christmas have finally died a death? In this eco-friendly world in which we live can we really justify sending paper products halfway across the world. I know this is what several direct mails I’ve recently received from e-Card companies would have me believe.

I did like one of these emails – it started with the headline “24 December – new last posting date for Xmas”. It struck a chord as it had just come in after an email with the real Royal Mail last dates for posting (useful website if interested). I take the emails I receive seriously as I do a fair bit of email marketing and I’m sure one of my future posts will probably focus on sending out our Season’s greetings (why we’d get someone else to design and send an e-Card I’ve no idea). We’ll probably be sending these out to students and alumni in the week beginning the 15th Dec so we can include things like our closing dates over the Holiday period.

Advent calendars – is this the beginning of a trend?

I’m used to the odd freebie and corporate gift, I especially liked the ones Google liked to send through (see this blog post if you don’t know what I’m talking about). My Google digital photo frame from a couple of years ago is still still going strong on my desk, although I gave away my glowing radio and computer kit and the USB credit card broke some time ago.

Anyway, as yet I haven’t received any proper corporate gifts (hint-hint for all of my suppliers) but I have had two advent calendars.

Is this the beginning of a trend? If so I think that’s brilliant – if people want to send me chocolate I’ll gladly eat them (by the way thanks Felice at i-graduate and whoever sent me the other one). I guess given that as I can’t remember who sent it just goes to show how memorable some branding is and how much waste is involved in gifts and greetings at Christmas. However I guess the advent calendar is a good idea especially if you’ve got business that you’re trying to close before the Christmas break kicks in.


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