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December 1, 2008

CRM Nirvana 1

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This is probably going to be a series of related posts which reflect on how I am taking forward certain database issues, however I think some explanation may be necessary for external readers (anyone but me). Hence this post – although at the moment I’m not sure when the second of these posts will happen.

We are currently waiting for our new student database system to be implemented. We are moving from an obsolete Adabas based system to SITS which is a standard system in the UK for student record management.

Im only really interested in the start and the end of the student lifecycle enquiries and alumni – bizarre but true!

Our alumni are managed from Raisers Edge for which I am the database admin.

Whilst our enquiries system is semi-complicated as it’s distributed. Prospects requests are currently managed from Access but we hold lots of other data elsewhere (predominantly with an ESP).

Anyway today I met with the admissions people to discuss the online admissions process and how I could get this to integrate with our current systems. For various reasons it has taken three months to get a couple of emails signed off and agreement to the changes I have suggested.

What I’m ultimately aiming for is one email list that contains all email addresses with a few status flags to indicate who everyone is to allow segmentation. Sounds simple doesn’t it!


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