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December 3, 2008

What’s going to be normal in the future…

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Tom Savigar's presentationTom Savigar gave the first session that I thought was really good from the EducationUK Partnership Conference although I think the briefing he may have been given might have been a bit off as whilst his presentation was interesting it didn’t really address what the technology changes actually mean for International Education recruitment.

Tom has a really interesting background.  The main theme of the presentation was the suggestion that there is a firm line between under 25’s and over 25’s

He’s currently giving the example of a 5 year old who uses SkyPlus to book Christmas presents (rather than the Argos catalogue) and how when she went to Highbury for an Arsenal game – she asked, “why can’t I pause it”.

The rest of this post will continue as a simple serious of quotes that I take. I may tidy it up later.  There will hopefully be a link to the presention (as yet it hasn’t gone live).

Key quotes so far:

Future’s happened just not very well distributed.

Am interesting explanation of slash / slash kids. Kids that want to do this slash that slash this slash that…

Social networks still the first place for the newest interesting thing.

Moving in to a more female age…. it’s not about making things pink but it is about collaboration.  People who thing that they know more about us than the they know about themselves.  Beginning of womenonomics.

Example of Paul Griffith Babycakes clothing utilisation of MySpace and RSS and other.

Example of the internet taking over as the main media resource.

Role of video games fastest growing sector (bigger than film, books and music). 36,000 batteries for the Nintendo Wii were sold in the UK at Christmas.

Some examples of democratisation of broadcast quality, always on equipment, example of Cybershot camera linkng directly in to Flickr.

3G phones in Africa…..

Facebook profiles being printed as CV’s used as memorial notes at funerals.

Pico projectors – linked to mobile phones

2D barcodes – QR codes / links to RFID tags as well

iSkills (US Eductaional Testing Service)

People are surpassing Moore’s Law.

Haptic technologies.



Developing a brand, network or experience around what they or the friends like.

Role of men diminishing – not taking part in the revolution as much

Recommend reading: David Pink (A whole new mind) – should this be Daniel Pink

Need enabler technologies.

Trend adoption is getting faster.

An I can do attitude – careering between jobs.

People are now self-actualisers (in the 80’s this was not on our radar).

How can we fit in to these relevant spaces.

People are people – they are human beings. They go in to shops and look, and socialise, but they might well buy online.

Multi access points for content (cross platform is key – we have to be seamless)

Assimilation is of surface information.  Not interested in time consuming meditiative media.

Expect our systems, hierarchies and processes to be over-writen.

(Side note: book tokens may not be the best sort of prizes for competitions.)


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