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December 19, 2008

Facebook news

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Great post on squared peg highlighting the importance of brand protection across external media, specifically the HE sector and Facebook. I think it also shows some lessons as to how the HE sector is going to have to behave in the future.

In this case it would seem a company is setting up groups on Facebook with the possible intent of leading potential students to their own products. I don’t buy that this is malicious or likely to be damaging for students. It does however look to be a blatant commercial move.

I guess the real lesson here is think ahead and protect your brand. I guess it also shows the importance of having groups that can speak broadly for the sector and negotiate on the sector’s behalf – to point out when lines may be about to be crossed. In the UK the group approach has worked well in the past.

After all it’s not in a commercial company’s interest to fall out with significant players in the sector that its products are reviewing. Just think how damaging or positive a few well placed press releases from a global HE community might be, especially if the HE community is working together and chooses to adopt group tactics and best social media practice.

In this case I think an approach needs to be made quickly to College Prowler to understand their intentions and to point out the sector’s expectations.  (This will be a far better use of time than filling in spreadsheets.)  A potential solution might be joint admin rights on pages (nominated University admin as well as College Prowler nominated admin).

Interestingly yesterday I found out that my University now has a network on Facebook – don’t sound shocked – we’re a bit of an oddball and we started requesting one a few years ago. So, it’s relatively new, but I have no idea how old.

I also began to set up a newsfeed on Twitter however this isn’t as easy as it sounds for a federal university with no single source of news.  I’ll post more about how I’m working around this when I get some time.

Reminder to self – go back and check Brad’s Google Docs and maybe even follow a few people on Twitter !?!


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  1. Funny how this played out in the end. Very interesting to watch, especially the search stream on Twitter, which contaned a lot of interesting commentary. I don’t think that there’s actually been too much to learn from the episode although I think it did serve as an important reminder about honesty when engaging with social media.

    Comment by Brendan — December 22, 2008 @ 7:56 am

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