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January 7, 2009

Why I don’t email from my work email account

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Because I didn’t run the test I wanted to run last night I ended up running an alternative A|B test.  The summary five hours after the email was sent is shown here:

Results from an A|B test of an email

Results from an A|B test of an email

Once you’ve got your head around that the line graph (surely a bar chart would be more intuitive) you’ll see that it’s only a small test just less than 370 emails in total, sorted by domain and then split in to two segments based on whether the row number that they occupied was odd or even.

This is the first time for a while that I’ve run this test and I did so as I wanted to check that open and click through rates were still better when I didn’t use the the standard University domain to send email.  (I thought I’d better check following this unfinished post).

The emails being sent were identical and all efforts were taken to ensure that the segments were as even as possible (similar numbers of emails from the same domains).

So why is an domain better – well for whatever reason changing the DNS records on our domain is not a high priority.  So registering the domain with a third party ISP and adding DNS records myself seems to be one of the best £10 I’ve ever spent.

There’s a good primer on authentication on the DMA website.

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