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January 15, 2009

Twitter favorites

Filed under: Twitter — Brendan @ 10:17 pm

I’m still trying to understand the point of Twitter Favorites.  I think that they could be a potential goldmine of information.

However the only person I could find who is thinking in the same way is Sam who posted on gaining insight from Twitter Favorites.  BTW I’m thinking about RSS feeds for some people’s favorites as it might be a better was of exploring what people enjoy.  Thanks for the thoughtful posts Sam, and thanks for pointing me in the direction of favrd from which I found Favotter and a bit of explanation of the limitations of the API.

I’m interested in favorites for two reasons.

1) One of my key reasons to get involved with Twitter was to try and gain some insight in to our student base. I see favorites as a key way of sharing this information.

2) I’m not keen on RT’ing everything that I think is great content* – but I’d like to show people that I value what their tweeting (in an easy way without replying to every great tweet).

* I think re-tweets contribute to noise which I haven’t learnt to deal with yet.  However I recognise that RT’s seem to becoming the lifeblood of Twitter so maybe I just need to re-learn how to listen.



  1. Anytime Brendan,

    Glad you found it helpful. I enjoy your blog as well.


    Comment by Sam — January 15, 2009 @ 10:37 pm

  2. My God Favd is brilliant – been ROFLOL for the last five – ten minutes – about to go back for more. Unfortunately don’t think I can favourite many of the jokes. Great post on dangers of Twitter and other SM –

    From my personal account I’ve started using the favourite function as a way to bookmark things that I ought to come back to. I also feed the rss stream of the favourites through to friendfeed which makes all of my Twitter favourites ultra-searchable.

    P.S. Yes I’m English – just realised Twitter spells favourite properly as well.

    Comment by Brendan — January 15, 2009 @ 10:45 pm

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