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January 23, 2009

Brands on Social Media

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I really enjoyed watching Blogwell in Chicago last night on Twitter and on the Critical Mass video feed that @Armano was running.  It was interesting to see what some of the big brands are saying about social media.

There’s a nice post that @AmberCadabera has done giving her key takeaways but I thought I’d just riff about the ones that I picked up on from following the #blogwell search:

SM is about listening:

  • @thehomedepot Our customers are talking in these spaces, whether we choose to listen or not
  • @AmberCadabra What if they say something nasty about us? They’re saying it anyway, and if you’re listening, you can respond
  • @scottyhendo P&G have an app that streams Twitter posts about Tide & projects it on wall of Tide brand dept

Content remains key:

  • @lsilich: Biggest takeaway from #BlogWell: Social Media efforts fail without a solid content strategy. It’s the first thing I do for my clients!
  • @chimoose: Legal tip 3: choose your words wisely. It’s not “social media” it’s “content sydication”

People are still learning.

And finally disclosure is important – it’s as simple as: “My name is X, I work for Y, this is my personal opinion…” @sernovitz pointed us at for further guidance.

It was all useful stuff for me, as I’m going to have to formalise a Social Media plan soon.   Formalising the things I’ve been playing with scares me in a way. It’s not the planning, its the need to gain sanction from my senior management so posts like the following one about selling Social Media to Cynics, Skeptics & Luddites will be useful.

Separately I’ve been testing a few things recently, just to see how brands I’m involved with respond or don’t to comments on social media.  So for example, I’ve been searching around for brands that I’m interested in and following them (both openly and covertly) and mentioning a few things in a few different places under different names to see if they are doing any monitoring, and intervention.  There’s been some great stuff so far but quite a few brands are simply not doing anything. Will probably post more on this later – currently engrossed in #wossy.


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