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January 24, 2009


Filed under: Conversations, Life at home, Millenials — Brendan @ 10:18 pm

I had a really interesting conversation today at my parents-in-laws house.

The conversation touched on all sorts of topics in between but we started talking about my wife’s aunt who has just lost her husband of fifty years just after moving to rural Ireland a few years ago. She’s a very sociable person who now finds herself many miles away from her family and friends.

Her 17 yo grandson was taking part in the discussion which ended with
us talking about how the mobile (cell) phone is his absolute lifeline (but for SMS and internet access rather than calls).

It was one of those conversations involving people from three generations which highlights the differences across the generations and across people generally.

I was obviously reminded that technology moves on. When my Father in law (who is in his seventies) was 17 I doubt he had used a fixed-line phone much. When I was 17 mobile phones didn’t exist (car phones did but they cost and weighed as much as the car).  Today’s teenagers have mobile phones and get used to the technology from an early age – my 4year old probably has more idea how to use my iPhone than my wife does!

However, it wasn’t the technological change, or the cultural changes related to this (think about how we’re moving to a society that know how to convey extremes of meaning by SMS) that really interested me.

What really got me about the conversation was the point that people are different.  Some are naturally more sociable than others.  Some people want to hear their own voice and lead a conversation, some want to contribute to conversations, some will sit quietly and listen taking it in, whilst some will sit quietly and ignore the conversations going on around them.


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