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February 13, 2009

Reflections on Hong Kong exchange rates

Filed under: International Student Recruitment — Brendan @ 9:38 pm

A street scene in WanchaiSo I’m in Hong Kong this week. I came out for a UK Education Exhibition.

It’s about four or five years since I was last here. I haven’t really noticed any changes yet, the streets are still really busy, people are still going about their business. In fact all I have noticed is that it has got really expensive for me as a tourist. The last time I was here I came back loaded up with all sorts of stuff, a new digital camera, new hard drive for my computer, a few flash memory devices etc.

I went up to the Wanchai Computer Centre this evening to have a quick look around and what struck me immediately was that much of what was for sale was a similar price to back home (about 10% cheaper and probably the model that you’d see next month on TCR). I was specifically looking at net books and UMPCs.

Man in a suit going down the escalator from the park at Central
I guessed that this might be the case as the last time I visited it was 14-15HK$ to the £, whereas I was getting closer to 10-11HK$.  Whilst this is great for business it’s a real pity for the tourist.

However it’s still a great city.

I mean where else do they put escalators to go up and down the hills? Stocksbridge town council (where my parents’ live) could learn from this.



  1. The pound has lost dramatically over the past year, the RMB has gained. But my personal experience is that cost of living are not so different in peru(name any third world country) and the G7.

    The world is a global village (but I still would not like to paint it).

    Comment by letterofcredit — February 25, 2009 @ 1:57 am

  2. […] Filed under: International Student Recruitment — Brendan @ 2:32 am When I was in Hong Kong earlier in the year I noticed how the changes in foreign exchange rates would have affected our business.  It has […]

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