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March 25, 2009

Php files and the iphone

Filed under: iphone, PHP, simple hacks — Brendan @ 7:07 am

I’m beginning to think that php files offer an unrivalled way of doing things quickly with the iPhone.

Simply save the file and add the link to the file as a bookmark in Safari.

My most recent effort is a quickly hacked together page which updates my location on Twitter. I simply call the page and my location is updated, a process that otherwise I find quite convoluted (it’s the one missing feature from Twitterfon, although Twitterfon does allow lat/long coordinate updates).

Generally I am in one of three places, at home in Cov, in London at work or in between on the train. So I have four php files (all based on twitter.lib.php file from php classes) bookmarked in Safari, one for each of the three common locations and one for if I am elsewhere (this script has a text input box rather than the location value hard coded).


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