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March 29, 2009

The 90:9:1 rule

Filed under: Social Media — Brendan @ 11:43 am

I saw this last week. @ewanmcintosh presented it at the Jisc’09 conference (I was listening to a live video feed from my desk). The video is supposed to be posted somewhere but I can’t find it however the presentation was written up by @ostephens.

Ewan showed a grid that helps thinks about startups – but he suggests it could also be used for University web services, or even other activites.  He suggested that 90% of people will be visitors, 9% fans and 1% contributors. (I later found this website.)

Visitor (just looks at stuff) Fan (will sign up but not create content) Contributor (uploads content, comments etc.)
Grab the attention
Keep the attention again and again
Turn the value into a tangible asset

I think this could be a really helpful little grid and I think when it comes to thinking about deliverables for SM projects.

Obviously it might be possible to shift people across from visitors to fans, and fans to contributors, especially if there are repeat visitors and there are things for people to engage.

The reason that it struck a chord with me is that I’ve recently been involved in a side project where I’ve been trying to create user generated advertising from alumni within a Ning Community and conceptualising the project along these lines before I started would probably have changed the way I have done things.


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