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April 16, 2009


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In case you are wondering UOLMDF is a group of people who work at the University of London in communications, Marketing, Design or Fundraising roles. There’s probably around 20 of us.

N.B. This is just the MDF staff who work within the central University of London. The colleges of the university also have their own MDF people.

Some of us met up this afternoon for a social media show and tell (there were two staff from ULCC, two from the careers service, four from the External System, three from SAS and one from Senate House Library). It wasn’t as illuminating as I hoped as there seems to be a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge, but it was definitely a good first step to get people who are involved in social media across the institution as a whole in the same room talking about what they’ve each been up to.

It probably focussed a little too much on the tactical of how to use some of the tools (particularly twitter but probably not going to enough depth for anyone who uses twitter).

Tim from ULCC kicked things off by talking a bit about how he and Frank had been using Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, Facebook for personal and professional networking. I then demo-ed some of the uses we’d had for Twitter and talked about RSS feeds and then demo-ed what we’ve been doing with Ning and alumni, before we talked about Yammer for internal comms and a few other tools, especially YouTube.

For me one of the key things I learned was that there’s more content out there that can be leveraged synergystically than I thought there was. I was especially impressed that SAS were already video broadcasting content and that there’s someone within the library who really gets the benefits of web 2.0 tools.

Given the frequency with which this group meets and the speeds at which things generally happen in the university my guess is that I won’t be that involved in the future.

Eventually I hope it will allow us to learn from each other, share our sucesses and failures, talk about future plans and maybe find some new ways to work together to combine our efforts.


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