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May 10, 2009

Recapping some live-streaming services

Filed under: Conferences, Conversations, Tools — Brendan @ 8:00 pm

I’ve been running moderatered text based IM chats for the past couple of years to help increase conversion of enquirers to applicants and applicants to registered students.

My reasoning for sticking with text only chats was the number of participants that we have around the world with low bandwidth.  However I think simple text chats are a bit backwards these days and I’ve just agreed to do a couple more next month just before I leave London.  So I spent a bit of time this weekend investigating what else might be possible, particularly looking at things like Skype, ooVoo, uStream,, BlogTV, Mogulus, StickAm and the underlying StreamAPI.  I don’t think I’ve yet found the ideal solution.

Most provide a video feed that I could embed in another page alongside a private moderated chatroom.  However I think the adverts and interfaces leave a lot to be desired.

Mogulus, StreamAPI, and our current chat provider, Parachat, may all have solutions that fit my needs but I need to explore more and figure out what kit/staffing we’ll have on the day and figure out what the cost will be.

What was interesting was going back and looking at the services with a fresh pair of eyes.  Looking at uStream in particular (with it’s chat and twitter integration) reminded me to go back that I need to go back and look at these ideas about sharing conference presentations more widely and efficiently.


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