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May 26, 2009

UoL Marketing Training Part 1

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Today was the first day of the CMI marketing planning course that I’m co-delivering. It was a difficult start for several reasons:

1. A late start, with a few people turning up a little late and knowing how full the day was.
2. Not knowing who everyone is / what understanding they have
3. Not being properly prepared – I last ran courses like this some 8 years ago and had forgotten how much preparation needs to go in to teaching and leading groups. I don’t think this was helped by Katherine, my co-presenter, and I having just 10 minutes to discuss the day immediately before we were due to start (after the slides had been fixed and the handouts printed).

On the positive side the business case game seemed to work well.

What was interesting for me was that one of the key gripes was not having enough time at the start of the game to analyse the information that was presented. There was quite a bit of good positive feedback about how this could be improved for future groups. However I’m left wondering whether the suggestions that should be implemented. The reason is that situational analysis is often pressured and difficult and it’s often easy to miss or misinterpret something.

One thing I wish was that I’d taken better notes of what happened in the game as I’m sure that there’s more that I can apply tomorrow in part 2 than I can actually remember.

Taking of memory the other thing I wish I’d remembered is my laptop charger. I realised that I left it on my desk at work as I was getting off the train and the battery light was flashing critical at me.


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