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May 27, 2009

UoL Marketing Training Part 2

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Phew – glad I don’t run courses every day. I really had forgotten how tricky it was. I think it went OK in the end and apparently from the feedback forms (which I haven’t seen) there’s pretty good evidence of learning and people getting a lot out of the course.

The slideshares are linked below and the YouTube videos we showed were:

Education 3.0

A dramatic shift in Marketing Reality

The role of customer service in a downturn

We also showed an advert for Magnet kitchens (and we should have showed one from Chicago Town in relation to the Pizza Game).

Thinking about if I were to run this course again, I think we’d need to think about the following:

  • It was too rushed – we should have it in 3 day course, but I understand that people struggle to turn up for even two days.
  • There were some specific issues related to the business game, in terms of timing and introduction (and I think there are a few places where the in game instructions aren’t all that clear).
  • We need to be more prepared – in terms of understanding the audience and knowing the material and knowing what everyone actually knew (I wonder if we covered some things that the audience already knew too slowly, especially on Day 1)

I think the amount of content would probably have been OK if we were delivering to one sectors, but the audience was drawn from fairly dissimilar university / public sector backgrounds. It took most of the first day for my co-host and I to get a bit of an understanding of our audience and the challenges that they faced and even by the end of the course I don’t think we had a full understanding. This meant we weren’t really sure what the most important points to get across were.  At the very least if this module is run again it’s worth getting the students to fill in a mini profile/questionnaire before the

On day 2, my co-host and I were still discussing what order to talk about different areas fifteen minutes before we were due to start – it really was a case of just in time delivery, especially when the printer does it’s usual trick of jamming because you’re in a hurry.  On the downside this meant that we didn’t know the slides as well as we should have, or who was going to say what.  There’s certainly a couple of mistakes in the slides/handouts because I was rushing, however I wonder how much they showed?


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