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June 15, 2009

Moving to a safe place…

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The new look garage

I’ve been a bit quiet of late.  Mainly it’s because I’ve just taken a week off work to sort out my garage.  In total it took five days as I had to reseal the floor and walls and then paint the walls and floor and the doors and window frames both internally and externally.

At the end of each evening I was too covered in paint and knackered to do anything other than collapse in to bed.

The Albert Dock, Liverpool from the Duckmobile

The Albert Dock, Liverpool from the Duckmobile

At the end of the week to celebrate finishing the garage I took the family off to Liverpool – the town in which I was born.  It’s been a long while since I’ve been back there but I can’t believe how much it has changed.  I absolutely love the area around the Albert Dock and the Liverpool One centre.  We took a duckmobile tour and the guide said the development had cost something like £960m.  However I think the cost is justified and I’m sure that eventually the costs will be recouped (and I doubt Liverpool would have become European City of Culture without these changes).

On the work front, I’m now in to my last week of work at London.  Even though I’ve served a full three month notice period (which feels like an age) I somehow am going to end up making a transition while not feeling as prepared as I intended to be.

In London I still haven’t been able to get together all of the notes and documents for the people who will be taking over my work (a side note here is disappointingly they haven’t been able to appoint as yet – which means that there’s going to quite a few things that aren’t going to be running this year).  I’ve had to renege on several promises that were made to course teams on the basis that either I or an alternative member of staff would be able to run something for them.

I’m also a little concerned that what I have written up is either unlikely to be read, or if it is read unlikely to be understood.  I imagine that I might be getting a few phone calls later in the year, when people realise they don’t understand what I’ve written.

In terms of starting at Leicester I’m also behind on where I wanted to be.  I had these great ideas of doing some research prior to starting.  As yet I haven’t even managed to fully review all of the distance learning programmes being offered.  In turn, this has meant that I haven’t been able to set up a proper OPML file or to do any competitor research (as I haven’t yet identified who the competitors are).

Actually OPML files – who am I trying to kid, my OPML file hasn’t been up to date for months and as yet I haven’t even gone through my bookmarks and worked out which I need to keep and which might be past their sell-by date.

Thankfully I did manage to get up to Leicester and have a proper look around and time my run in the rush hour.  Unfortunately when I went up to Leicester for the day I didn’t get to spend much time with my new boss, although I did spend an hour or so talking to staff in the international office, which was very interesting.  And I got to meet @stujohnson for lunch who I’d found via Twitter.

One of the nice things that I have noticed is that the distance learning does seem to be going places.  It’s prominently referenced in some newly commissioned University documentation.

However I did wonder about some of the other key passages.  For example, I’m all for learning from mistakes but the opening line of the body text on p.2 made me go hmmm….

“A university should be a safe place to get it wrong.”

Although it could make a really great social media campaign 😉


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