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June 27, 2009

The bend of the world

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Becky (my wiife) was over in Ireland this weekend so I took the opportunity to go to my parents this weekend. It’s a short drive of an hour and a half up the M1 to their little town. A town which is probably going to go in to decline after the closure of the only real industry – Corus announced the closure of the steelworks and the loss of 800 jobs last week.

Stocksbridge Steelworks

It’s a place filled with memories for me – I worked there over the summer when I was a student.

I spotted this poster on the side of the Salvation Army building. It’s funny to see how they are using social networking sites in an offline world.

Poster outside the Salvation Army Hall

My youngest always manages to fall asleep on the drive which leaves my oldest son bored on his own in the back of the car.

We often have some interesting chats when this happens. Yesterday for example we had a little change that tickled me. It went:

Son: “When I grow up I want to go to the edge of the world.”

Me; “Does the world have edges?”

Son: “No. Ok I want to go to the end of the world.”

Me: “What shape is the world?”

Son: “It’s round like a ball.”

Me: “Does a ball have an end?”

Son: “No.”

There was a short silence and then he said, “All right I want to go to the bend of the world.”


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