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July 5, 2009

The Godiva Festival

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I spent most of Saturday at War Memorial Park in Coventry for the Godiva Festival. It’s a great free day out that’s packed with stuff of interest to everyone. I’m one of the many that view it “as the Midlands biggest and best family festival.”

CV One and all of the organisers did a great job in putting it together. The only downside is that later on in the evening a few people just take it a bit too far for a family festival and a lot of beer and other stuff gets thrown around the crowd.

However one thing that’s interested me this year is the evolution of the social side of their website and promotions, and use of third party tools in addition to their website – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and MySpace. Given the ways in which the popularity of the tools are chaning it’ll be interesting to see how they do this next year.

The kids and I certainly enjoyed it.   Their favorite part of the day was chasing Sparky the Robot around the field.  I loved that he was being controlled with a monster remote which incorporated what I think was an iTouch (presumably which controlled his speech).


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