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November 24, 2009


Filed under: Volleyball — Brendan @ 12:13 am

This season my volleyball club have been paying for a referee (Chris Mason) as having proper referees really makes a difference to the quality of the games we play. It also usually means that we have players on the bench rather than refereeing.

However at this evening’s volleyball match against Nuneaton, as we had a couple of subs I second refereed. It was probably the first time I’d refereed properly in about five years. When I was younger, before kids and marriage I refereed quite a bit in the London Leagues, National Leagues, National Cup competitions and I even line-judged an international. However about five or six years ago when my youngest was born I couldn’t/wouldn’t find the time when I got the phone call and I gradually lost interest.

I was amazed at how much I remembered about the movement involved. The second referee is on the ground and is constantly moving from one side of the net to the other to watch the ball come over from the attacking side. I was fine following the rotation and even blew up a couple of rotation faults. I was also pretty good with the whistle although there was one incident when I hesitated in blowing up a back court hit. However I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for the new net touch rules. I’d seen the video below a few times (the action starts about 40secs in) and had been playing volleyball with the new rules but it just hadn’t prepared me for refereeing a game.

It got me thinking about the importance of practising a skill. And as I really enjoyed the evening for a moment I was tempted to renew my registration with the EVA. The idea of registration was quickly put on hold by my wife reminding me that I’d be out three nights this week as it is.

However I did spot something on the EVA page that caught my interest.

The essence of a good official lies in the concept of fairness and consistency.

I found this interesting and thought about my day job. Especially when the page went on to say things like “This demands a huge element of trust”, You need to be “accurate in your judgement”, “an efficient organiser” and “an educator” and a good referee remains in the background.

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