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July 13, 2010

Chatham House

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I was up at the University of Nottingham on Friday. Unfortunately there’s no sensible train route from where I live to Nottingham, so I had to drive and that morning the A453 in to Nottingham was blocked solid. It took me well over two hours to cover the 45 miles. Thankfully I’d allowed myself plenty of time, as I was hoping to do a bit of work in the Library, before the event I was going to started. As it was I arrived with seconds to spare – just managing to grab a coffee, pick up my delegate pack and walk straight in to the session. On the plus side I did get to listen to this excellent recording (mp3) of Chuck Hester talking about Linked In. Linked In is a network that I visit once in a while but am certainly not resident in. I’ve never really used it that actively. Many years ago I tried it, I even answered the odd question but I didn’t really manage to connect to a many people. However I think it’s undergoing a bit of a revival. I’ve noticed in the past six months or so that a lot of people seem to be using it more. I don’t know if this is due to the economy (people wanting to make sure they are visible for employment purposes) or if it is down to mobile devices with Linked In Apps becoming more popular. However, Chuck’s talk has made me resolve to give it another go.

The event I was at was called the International Partnership Development Forum, it’s set up as a sharing platform for staff within International Offices who deal with educational partnerships that their Universities enter. I always enjoy meeting people from other institutions who work in a similar arena to myself. Interestingly they have their own Linked In group but it’s not very active yet.

In terms of the session, I may be being overly critical but it seemed to me to be very Partnerships 101 / International 101. I suppose I learnt a few things but I’m not sure it was really worth my time.

What I found interesting, but not surprising about the event, was that we were told the Chatham House rule was in operation. Oh great I thought – more secrets to keep. However I discovered after the event that for the past however many years I’ve misunderstood the Chatham House rule. For some reason I’d always made the assumption that it meant that whatever was under discussion stayed within the room. In fact it means nothing of the sort and you can even tweet.

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  1. Thanks. I was suffering under the sam misapprehension 🙂

    Comment by AJ Cann — July 14, 2010 @ 9:53 am

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