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September 12, 2010

Leicester West

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Someone mentioned to me that they had been asked how many applicants and students originally came from the Leicester West constituency.

Whilst our student record system holds all manner of data it naturally enough doesn’t record an applicant’s parliamentary constituency. Therefore I spent a bit of time investigating the data this weekend and downloaded some data and re-combined it into a lookup database.

The files I took were the National Statistics Postcode Database (NSPD) Open, August 2010 edition
and the Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies file.

This then allowed me to produce a simple database that told me that 2,156 LE postcodes from the NSPD map to the Leicester West constituency.

It’s the first time I’ve looked at any of the OS/ONS data and it’s not obvious which field is which as I haven’t been able to find a key to the data. I’m also not sure that all of the postcodes listed are still valid.

However I think I’ve recognised the key fields that I’m interested in. In addition to the Westminister Constituencies these are the Easting and Northing of each postcode as this will enable me to calculate (using Pythagoras) as the crow flies distance to the University from applicant’s home postcodes.

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