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About Brendan

Brendan, with Ciaran the youngest of his two sons

Me with my youngest son, Ciaran.

I’m Brendan. I’m married with two little boys and in my spare time play volleyball at a great little club in the West Midlands.

I was born in the first part of the seventies but I was brought up surrounded by technology – my parents bought their first computer in 1978 and I was using PRESTEL and BBS as a child well before the internet came in to existence. Whilst at school in the late eighties I got in to doing DTP work for a local printer and spent my entire savings on a scanner. I remember being blown away at university when I first encountered Mosaic. A couple of years later when I got my first proper job I ended up building databases and websites and got drawn in to direct marketing (telephone, postal and online – my first banner ad running over Xmas’96). I was working for a very bizarre organisation that did a lot of work in widening participation (WP) but as the WP funding ran out they started running lots of very strange overseas educational projects. Note to self: this is a really poor summary of such a formative and mad period of my life and I must write a post on this at some point.

After this I worked in a job that involved Marketing, Global Networks and Communities for the University that can claim to have invented distance learning some 150 years ago. It’s a university that’s very big and very prestigious but hardly anyone knows anything about it. Note to self: also write a post on this topic at some point.

I now work at the University of Leicester within the Division of Corporate Affairs & Planning.

Feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll probably contact you to say hello. My contact details if you can’t work them out (fawcettbj on most networks) are available via

P.S. Obviously the views expressed here are entirely my own and certainly do not represent those of my previous, current or future employers.


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