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December 9, 2008

7 campaigns. 40 messages. 120 ads. 532 landing-pages…

Filed under: SEM — Brendan @ 11:03 pm

I’m signed up on far more mailing lists than is healthy. However today I got an email from ion interactive who do a lot of Post-Click Marketing. (I find this subject really interesting as generally universities, including my own, are pretty bad at this sort of thing).

Anyway the email talked about putting together 7 SEM campaigns with 40 messages, 120 ads, 532 landing pages in the space of 10 days.

I find seeing how people put together their SEM campaigns fascinating, particularly as at the moment I’m going through this process myself. We’ve just outsourced all of our SEM (and other online) having previously handled it all in-house.

I’ve got a meeting with our ad agency tomorrow, and it’ll be fascinating to see where we are at.