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December 17, 2008

Twitter vs Plurk

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Last night, I finally took the plunge with Twitter.

I happened to have with me my work laptop with several thousand student email addresses on it and thought what the hell and so I set up a work account and checked how many students were using Twitter (imported file in to a Gmail account – in case you’re wondering).

Interestingly, just over 1% of the students had twitter accounts registered from these email addresses (WOW because if anything I would have had this segment of students down as the least likely to engage with micro-blogging).

So anyway I now have an account where I’m following 200 people (most of the 200 aren’t active Twitterers) and so far eight are following me back.

How will I use this – I don’t yet know! It’s interesting just as another way of getting an insight in to students lives but I guess we’ll probably also integrate a news feed (maybe segmented).

What was interesting to me is the response it provoked.

I was a bit worried about some sort of backlash, that students might feel that this was too much of an intrusion.

However from the first responses it seems I shouldn’t have worried…

First Twitter Response
First Twitter Response

For info my response was:

First Twitter reply
First Twitter reply

[* Not sure of etiquette here – I wondered about blurring names in the images above but they are in the public domain anyway. Anyone have a view?]

Ultimately, I think this sort of route is inevitable but it has me worried, so you can guess how some of my more conservative colleagues would feel about this.

I guess I’m busy taking (and teaching colleagues how to take) small babysteps with technology whilst something like this would probably be considered a full-blown Olympic standard gymnastics routine by some of my colleagues.

One interesting thing that I did notice amongst my new found Twitter friends was how many people were saying that Plurk seemed like a much better / more popular platform.

So I started briefly looking at Plurk to see if the same thing could be done to gain a wider sample size.

It’s user base certainly isn’t as large and the Alexa comparison data doesn’t look too great yet – but I don’t think my new friends could be wrong, could they?

I guess I’ll investigate more tonight. For now I’d better get on with the day job.