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October 3, 2009

Percy Endrizzi doesn’t quite make it to FOTE’09

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Tim and Frank, a couple of friends (ex-colleagues) of mine, put on a conference on Friday – The Future of Technology in Education (FOTE’09). Given Friday was my first day without meetings for about a month I thought I might be able to follow along. (I find that I can follow audio reasonably well without it distracting me from filling in spreadsheets, working on databases or carrying out other administrative work.)

Video was being streamed into Second Life (SL) so on Thursday evening I downloaded the SL client software on to my netbook set up a new account (Percy Endrizzi) and I checked that I could get in to the virtual lecture theatre.

Percy Endrizzi in the FOTE Lecture Theatre

Percy Endrizzi in the FOTE Lecture Theatre

Unfortunately on the Friday I wasn’t able to login to SL using my netbook on the wireless network at work. Neither was I able to access the audio via @kwameoh‘s quicktime link. I presume that all of the necessary ports for Second life and RTSP are blocked by default on the university wireless network.

So whilst Silversprite Helsinki was able to “closely follow #FOTE09 while in a branch of Ladbrokes”, Percy Endrizzi couldn’t listen in from within a university!

So unable to listen in to what was going on at FOTE’09 I looked in on the twitter stream every now and then.  Actually I dipped in to @andpowe11‘s coveritlive page every now and then and when I got home I also read a few blog posts and worked through the twitter stream. In doing so I found a few things that made me stop and think, for example this on Hallucination, Virtual Reality, and Reality.

However I as an off-site participant I would have loved it if it would have been possible to:

1) feed audio and video in to uStream, Dim Dim, Elluminate or various other more accessible services than Second Life – as an aside I think Percy Endrizzi may have made his last outing for a while.

2) discuss technology in relation to other areas of education – teaching and learning seemed to be the main focus and research and, most importantly for me, the administration of education seemed to be lacking.

That said, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some of the videos when they eventually get posted.